Weekend vacations need good planning & amazing locations to make it the perfect time for you & your loved one! Travel Factor will help you suggest some unexplored as well as beautiful properties to stay in during your weekend trip. From hotel bookings to making you reach the location, leave it all upto us!

Located between Mumbai & Pune, Alibaug has several beaches & temples/forts to see. From Mandva’s tranquil water to Kihim’s forest feel, Alibaug offers an irresistible monsoon climate. The Kolaba fort built by Shivaji Maharaj is 300 years old. is built 2kms from the seashore. Other famous places to see here are: Kanakeshwar temple & Vrindavan Farm.
Best time to visit: Nov – Mar & Jul-Sept to enjoy rainy weather

Lonavala: Lush greenery, beautiful dams, picturesque & an ideal monsoon getaway. Lonavala has been a popular spot since quite some time now & there is enough reason why Mumbaikars keep heading to this place. On your visit to Lonavala, you can head to see forts, temples, lakes, gardens, dams & much more. The most hyped Tiger’s point is beautifully misty during monsoons & once there, you cannot resist the ‘hot pakodas’ & ‘maggi’ that gets served by local vendors. For you stay, book a beautiful bungalow to have a more homely feel or choose hotels that would give you a more retreat feel! Famous points to see here are: Bushy Dam, Tiger’s point, Aambey Valley, Bhairavnath Temple.
Best time to visit: Dec – Mar & Jul-Sept to enjoy rainy weather

Mahabaleshwar: Touted as the highest hill station in western India, Mahabaleshwar is a tourist’s paradise. Enroute from Mumbai, the drive is scenic & misty. Monsoons are perhaps the best time to visit this strawberry city & winters are ideal too. It’s beautiful valleys & properties make you visit Mahabaleshwar often; hence making it a perfect weekend getaway. Families, couples, friends or even corporate get togethers – one can plan all such short trips in this place. Famous points to see here are: Arthurs Seat, Old Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mapro Farm, hill station.
Best time to visit: Nov – Mar & monsoons to enjoy rainy weather